Title: Well, beside wrapping long word and text format!

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Post: I noticed textarea size also needs the same workaround! Not really for beauty but writability. For now this looks priority. Too bad il tag menu is aligned to right, but it is just semantics now. Well I test around only when to Samanta. She said tonight: Mi serve una macchinetta piu' buona a Febraio! I need it now since anyone asking me cause far and early jobs! Or at least is what the agencies girls say! Well, i bought her once a car and Federico almost Grew up in there! I might have to be forced to buy Another but i may land it to her and use hers, but I really hope i don't have to! She went out and left Federico at home, Looks like the boy likes his new home, however, The boy picked his flash cards and sticked one After another on his flash card book and the sentence Said:i want pudding! At first i wasn't sure, so, i unsticked them and Put among the others, so the boy Picked them again and sticked them back Again. I guess what the sentence spelt:i want pudding! Again! Well, i have to congratulate with old trafford special schol! The orchards! This was the first time the boy spoke to his dad! Anyway works on the phone. Now is matter of semantics to rend static thedisplay. Slang! Non so che servizi Doveva fare, ma quando e' tornata Ogni cosa che dicevo, sembrava Che mi voleva prendere con La mazza o cacciarmi fuori Da casa sua!

Date Posted: Thursday 7th of November 2019 09:45:43 PM

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