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Post: I am used anyway! And with this, this is the 2nd job in a month that let me only visit the warehouse! 3 inductions never called, except one of those let me wait all morning in vain. But this wasn't an induction, I should have had worked two days. At least they made me work 30 minutes! And suddenly someone screaming:"carmine! Who is carmine! I don't need you today!" Nice, sounded like McCoy anyway! Like the inductions so at occasional work! 3 or 4 agency list people, dozens of people and in the end ... Well, nothing like the agency of last day for the Amazon job, in there there was a whole school! However, nothing like that, she didn't even make me sit to the desk ... I may need residency test ... But tell me, when shall I go to have a residency test? Anyway, never mind again! We all knew already, they have to win a cup, a medal, a trophy every day! And I will once again, with all those jobs, watching them either having dinner than serving customers and cooking, from the window, outside! I am used to! So far I.m still saying grace for last Christmas turkey! They look and sound so Italian! All the need now is some Pavarotti though! Well, I was waiting the next year to reveal, and let's wait! I don't know if I will survive to next August which is the end term of waiting or the way round! The reasons my go maybe to somewhere which ... In Italy ... States Made Italy and so else!

But even my sons Claudio and Laura need a residence test?

Date Posted: Friday 8th of November 2019 08:05:42 PM

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