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Solo un dorogato fa' santo a un drogato!
Solo un ubriacone fa' santo a un ubriacone!
Solo un ladro fa' santo a un ladro!
Solo un assassino fa' santo a un assassino!
Solo un pedofilo fa' santo a un pedofilo!
L'ultimo si adatta perfettamente anche a Medina!

Date Posted: Friday 8th of November 2019 11:09:31 PM

   Helen BrownThis is matter which shouldn't be told, to stay never told stories!
Ahhh! Are you going to play the King again then?
I like you better in that way anyway!
   AnneWhat? I strongly doubt about that!
   EvaWell, if you're not going to play the king again how it's going to stay a never told story? 09-11-2019
   User 1You can try with putting a commercial or an ads instead breaking news! 09-11-2019
   tony almightyWell, it may happen the degeneration form of the kingdomship as written in the politics of Aristoteles!
Not the extreme which is the Banana Republic but the most degenerate form of kingdomship!
For instance in the Kingdomship the law system was immediate, harsh and public release, since need of the sign and consense of just one man!
However, this degenerate form keeps an oligarchy which eventually, unless banana republic, keeps the kingdomship as burlesque masquerade in order to ghosting and shadowing or just clouding waters, since only a certain part of the society legitimate them as authority, the one uneducated!
This form of socialism is common everywhere since so or because so!
Naples history is a good example of such degression or Aristotles vision in his politics book!
Several times as a recusive loop, or periodic logarythm, went through this path, from kingdomship splendor, wealth and prosperity to tiranny, where the law eventually turned too harsh and bloody and where they kept up only splendor and wealth, then to dictatoriship, where kingdomship was just a carnivalish feast and eventually the law was held by an oligarchy illigitimate, to finally Banana Republic where despite a too big and wide and opulent oligarchy, eventually in social issues there is no one sign or consense in the end!
The last one despite ridicouls and funny face, name and appearence is the most dangerous, cause the wrong side of the law in the first place!
Aristotles was too futuristic in this book! Despite not really Carl Marx, cause he was snob and highly selective in social issues and background, his line can't ever be a reality in this or next century and maybe not even the next one!
But you never know!
Well, according to him, the perfect government and politics, should be in the hand of a small oligarchy composed only by great scientists, great thinkers and great minds, which treat social issues and background so, the people whose composed of, not for profit but as piece of meat or a surgeon patient on a table!
Someone may say too childish in the end!
But maybe just a smart ass!
   User 1Slang!
Chi tu? Tu sei bravo a fare solo il ginecologo o l'ostetrico!
   AnneWhy? They don't treat it as a piece of meat? 09-11-2019
   EvaA piece of cake, most likely! Where that piece represent his own social class or kind! 09-11-2019
   tony almightyWell, that's why Silvio Berlusconi ran for the first minister camapain!
He was the result of an economy not even distribuited himself!
However, since movies and tellies tales was the nature of his business, he eventually saw the CBC's Arrow movie too!
So, since he knew that northern emispheres are much wealthy, hard working, civilzed and fair than his own, promptly thought right to work accordingly!

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