Title: Ok, tonight let's watch something you like the best or very proud of!

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Date Posted: Friday 10th of January 2020 08:54:26 PM

   Anne Too crowded beech! 10-01-2020
   tony almighty Fooling around it's all I'm allowed to, my dearest!
However, If i would have could, you are the only one I would have had married to! And I mean straightaway!
Now, it's all a fooling around, but yet, where I come from, they ran out of free ladies, or very much close to that!
Of course if someone 10 or 15 years younger will not come out overnight!
Of course!
But what I said stands for ever, my dearest! You are the only one or, the choice I would have had made! If only I could have had could!
   Helen Brown Sorry, to interupt!
This means the yankees, enjoy and are really happy when they see somebody really dies?
   Eva Kind of playing the pusillanimous catholic sheep for ever afterwards! 10-01-2020
   tony almightyBecause afterwards, we are the good guys! The good persons!
Like cheating on computers all time! To get rid of people or just making carrer by self employing to estabilish our own and then crying:"It's this, it's that! It's up, it's down! It's here, it's there! It's left, it's right! It's so, so, so! It's badabim! it's badabum! It's etcetera etcetera!"
Afterwards, we are the good persons!
But this is good! Because we, at least see what they really believe after all!
In fairies! In fairies!
   User 1 Well, go ahead! Grab one then! 10-01-2020
   User 1 By the way, have you figured the play.php file white space anomaly? 11-01-2020
   tony almighty Not really! However, it might be because the video embed html protocol is within a SQL routine loop, probably the WHILE loop, many of them needs this type of routine to list according with a condition or a multiple conditions!
It might be! I have to check it out myself! You know? In other words, there is the need to cut that block of code (HTML VIDEO PROTOCOL) leaving the php variable = database value, and paste soon after, and enclosing within the html the php tags to hold the value! But it is not a certain thing sometimes!

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