Title: The stronger antibiotics!

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Tonight would be my last day with this other prescription, the hospital's one! And the drug doesn't work! I wonder what might it be this time!

Date Posted: Sunday 19th of January 2020 07:15:44 PM

   Anne How are you today? 21-01-2020
   tony almighty Not such a shit as the last few days or since I went to doctor and hospital!
Last night i felt better despite stomach cramps which will persist yet now!
This chest infection just ruined me! And yet not well yet! If i say otherwise would be a lie to myself!
A sicknes started before the new year, so i let you imagine how it ruined me!
But i gotta know if it's just bad chest infection, a glass of wine, black pepper or rheumadrosis to the bone!
Today, since carrying on just cocodamol tablets and staying in the bed most of the time (with eating on) i can say the pain, unbarable for days, is all right, still there yes, but if was like this i can come back to work, despite i should lie on my recent or actual health, but if it was like this, working would be a cure, or at least for a while!
I guess i gotta try to do not drink as well, for days and days good fork and nice glass has been my only very medicine, beside christmass shopping has lasted till today, i still got lentils, beans, onion, chips, pizza, pork chops, peas, pears, pasta, butter . and celery and other green! Only booze, garlic, fresh chillie peppers and parsley really needed to be replenished though!
But might be anything, even bad bed or wrong desk or chair!
But the pain has been so strong, sharp, acute and never giving any break for more than 3 weeks so far, so, i am puzzled!
I ran out of lies with my agency! Despite Minneapolis or Detroit or New York central park would have had been safer, it was good daugh, not long hours (7.30) good shifts, my favourite and good break!
Never mind, it is not that i am more concern now!
   Anne Obviously, if you can't pull out a bad tooth you might have to travel all the way down to your mother! But this is not a old tale already read? Well, partly, because the Cadanian writer is still stuck in the most beautifull city in the world!
With a bunch of croocks with beginning with his own psychiatrist!
   tony almighty Well, ghosts do not exist so, the gods!
So, if time to time, a door inside opens by itself there is nothing in there! It's creepy but it occurs! Only if happens in more occasions and that material physical event coincides with a specific thought, well, there is someone which might be really concern nowadays! Well, 1, which is me! I know, this is not computer, software futuristic stuff! But a door have lots in common with a computer! Now, even more if we add an (unknown) material physical event to it!
Yeah, i noticed that overnight we walked into the 21st century, 2 minutes too late! And even that eva9000 is materialising more and more and at such pace that i won't be surprise in a breakthrough after the 2023-24! Well, i will never have means and tools after all, so ... Never mind! I am content if I can watch it! But this won't stop me! You go to Tampa Bay, I'll go to Vancouver!
So, the obvious? Same here, i will never have means and tools after all, so ... Never mind! In a figurative represantation it should look like 2 rings rotating in opposite directions, but it cannot be seen, because the alteration of mass and consequently magnetic field wouldn't let the light or photons, distinguish the artificial object, because too much too sensitive to magnetic field, so the light takes a curve all around it and proceeds properly or as sensible scince determines, in straight line (waves or vectors), so we see properly the front and behind, but not the object which should appear as if there was water in that spot on our glasses or telesopes, we see an object but since the light bends over around it, we can't really say exactly, however that glitch, that water includes and descerns light and time as well, which are even more harder to say exactly, but yet it doesn't mean that once the mass has been taken to certains values it won't be certain that its magnetic field would apply with the earth or common science states. It might even override it somehow in unknown and unusual material physic behaviour, which probably it's gonna be the study of the upcoming century or the last decades of this futile, demential, downgrading, cheap and childish one, looks like we're living under the god of vanity, Narcissus indeed! Well, that's another happy little bed time story or fable! Never too tragic, it's a fake or sadistic sick mind, nation, culture and ideology that, but just a little tragedy won't spoil the integrity of the tale and as the lives of our all in the end, being a little ironic of what we really are! The vanity god says you are prettier if possess (money, things, education degrees, social class recognizion, and so, religion might be just one those objects and current culturall influencing ideology!) well, maybe this god works in the tax office department! Well, if says to possess, you will or have to! Because you have to watch your god grace and beauty in a mirror! Of course if not thunder strikes!

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