Funny life though! And ironic, don't you think? In this page you can find some of the artwork and design that you might want to watch when you're boring in your office. Of course I tried to choose the most suitable for a public display, anyway you can download the whole artwork history in the link below.

About these paintings.

These pictures below will let you to download my last ten years artwork and design. Despite I am not Raffaello, Donatello, Leonardo or Michelangelo, I hope my artwork and design would help somehow the many who appreciate the least studied and the most overviewed part of computer designing and architecting other then kill some time in the office when boring. Of course it would have ha been better Jessica Rabbit type of drawings, I know, but that's the life you know? I hope you liked my oils, acrilycs and more, for any enquiry and questions or maybe if you would like me making you a fine portrait, well, just ask, I will be pleased to, no need to get naked for hours, just post your photograps and it'll be fine!

However, enjoy your view and good work to anyone!!


The over-criticism, the fashion and the banality! [09/02/09]

I always loved Picasso; in fact many of my paintings are based on his technique and style especially the ancient plates, vases and decoration re-visited by my hands! I am the first one to have had studied that and been very found about! However, his cubistic phase represent a reality which in no way else could be represented as intensity of lines and colour, the reality of the war! The surreal! The nightmare! The deformation of our reality! The distortion of our souls! The darkness of our morality! And so on and on! No style else could better describe what happened in that portion of time of our reality, the world reality! Of course today, the world II war is far dream, an old movie and so all that remains of Picasso cubistic phase is lines and forms which repeat and perfect them selves over and over again! Today are mere lines and forms of Picasso Cubistic phase which represent something only something a far dream, an old movie despite their perfection, despite their modernity! If we take a Picasso painting and make a dress of it, nobody will notice that we wear a Picasso today, nobody! So, how can represent the war in this twenty first century as a fine art form, seen that the very same lines and forms of Picasso described a determinate portion of time and space in the human being reality and now is a different portion of time and space? The Picasso lines and forms would represent that no more today! Today would be too banal! Because the computer and mass media age represents that reality continuously under several forms, movies, videos, television, video-games and so on but yet not in fine art forms! The fine art form would be over criticized already by that reality continuously represented by movies, videos, television and video-games and so on, especially about the reality of this portion of time and space, in the sense of politics, in the sense of science, in the sense of philosophy, in the sense of history and so the war! The fine art itself becomes surreal nightmare, deformation of our reality, distortion of our souls, darkness of our morality and so on and on! In other words it come destroyed, even if never meant, by the over criticism of the computer and media existence itself! The fact itself of the variety, quantity, choice would destroy the fine art at priory, and yet in lines and forms remaining to the Picasso Cubistic phase and so representing with those lines and forms even the war, which was that, the reality of those lines and forms, but today in a banal light or taken to lightly in comparison with Picasso cubistic work or observation of the reality of his time which was the war! So, the only way to describe the fine art today is observing the reality and representing it, which means by destroying the fine art itself or the common way to be used to see the fine art itself

About the universe!

A day at ‘The White House’. We always need to keep our feet on the ground! Don't we? Even birds does! Classic today in the year 2008 is ... Let my fire! Even and most of all in classic music also! We need to accept at least a white man, it's our same protocol don't we? So, stick on the very end then! Life's like a distorted mirror! Or too zoomy! Or upside down! Or in reverse! Or backwards! Behind a glass it's a different prospective of lights! Lost! Somewhere! But lost! unless it's not glass! But iron! Life can be surprising! A distorted reality! All the way trough! Classic music today! I bet no classic musician can be as classic as Door's Let my fire! No matter what! Somebody else ' O sole mio! Like Yesterday! Or Somebody else ' O sole mio! Like Let my fire! Or Somebody else ' O sole mio! Like ' O sole mio! And so on and on! And so on and on! And so on and on! And so on and on! And on! And on! And on! And on! And on! Let my fire is a double classic! Pop and modern classic music at the same time! Like 'O sole mio! Like Yesterday! And that's it! The life's distorted! As the flame of a fire! Well! Life's all distorted all the way trough until the very end! A reality plenty of noise! The protocol says so! So, we need to stick with it until true! Well, It's a classic even if admits only party people in the end! Classic or not classic this is the White House just because that! Because no matter what, the original will be always shining more then you! At least will be always someone ' O sole mio! That's all! Indeed it's a classic even in classic music! I didn't find any, all around! This! Is a classic! When there is a glass in the between both lives are distorted! Our light! And the one seeing at you on the other side! And way round! And way round! And way round! A deja voux, a little distorted all the time! Something that says, that distortion, is just a noise! Or what's all out there in the 'this is a beautiful world!' And what's all out there in the 'Made in Manhattan!' A distorted reality then, is the very reality! Otherwise it won't be reality! With noise within! And beautiful sounds also! You beautiful image in this so distorted reality! The mine! The yours! And the his! Like my little one! But on anyone else might be applied! Also! When there is a glass in the between both lives are distorted! Anyway! Should I change a painting title? To change the picture? Well! I can do a painting instead! The distorted reality is the reality itself! Even in the children fairy tales! With all their charming Princes and fairy Princesses! All of them! There is a distortion! Sometimes Ugly! Scary! Creepy! Even horrible! As Allan Poe short stories said! It's not a fairy tale if there is not a distortion of their reality! As, underwater! Or wearing glasses! Or just being behind a window! That's all! I guess ... The Only Bet! Is a young loving woman, precisely, with the ticket to nowhere! I guess ... The Only Bet! Is having her here by myside! I guess ... The Only Bet! Is a ticket to nowhere! Nowhere indeed! I guess ... The Only Bet! Is a seat to nowhere all the way trough! You never know, I might get stacked on that very road! You never know, I might get stacked, once again, in the middle of my dreamed! I might be good! Then! Or! As long as, I have her by my side! However! Behind a window is a distorted image we see! As any image it can be deceived by a false image, because what we see is already deceived by the distortion which the reality is composed! The touch is better then the eye! We can perceive physically, materially! So, quantifying a matter that the sight my find way too many distortions all the way trough around! As sense the matter other then seeing the matter! Or just an image! An image behind a window! It might be something missing in that image behind the window! It might be missing the image itself! Lost somewhere in the distortion of the reality! Or come destroyed as any material physical object in the universe and so, imperfect in the end! As it was a living or not living material physical object in the universe itself as well! As an entity! Something that is and image no more! An entity as a real object! As any real object in the universe! Or the matter! As any real matter in the universe! Or the Universe we belong! Or reality! Or reality which we belong with! Perfect or not! Is the reality we know! About the universe! 09/10/10 03:07:16

Picture Gallery


Several links will regard my last works, so, you don't go crazy to find out everywhere! My last work, however, Apache Website, built with my own web-server, hard-drive and machine is temporary closed for Holiday, but for now is part of my book Deadalus. However, enjoy your download and good work to anyone!

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